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Breast Cancer
Helping manage and recover

At Cancare Clinic we provide a range of services that help our patients manage through and recover from breast cancer. Our treatments are based on many years of clinical experience and sound academic research background.

The conditions and approaches we focus on:

  • Relieving some side effects that may be caused by hormone therapy such as: mood swings, depression, hot flashes or tiredness.   

  • Mitigating some side effects that may occur during or after chemotherapy, such as: leukopenia; fatigue and weakness; indigestion (nausea & vomiting, loose of appetite or abnormal bowels); poor memory and concentration (chemo-brain). 

  • Relieving some side effects that may occur during or after radiotherapy, such as: leukopenia, dry mouth and sore throat or fatigue. 

  • Supporting immune functions and vitality energy of the body. 

  • Maintenance care during the condition “stable” or “no treatment” period; and 

  • Preventive care of the patient who remains at high risk of cancer recurrence after conventional treatments. 

The treatments we provide

Cancare Clinic provides the Chinese medicine therapies including Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture for supportive care of cancer patients. The evidence for these therapeutic approaches can be seen in:  

Liang, H.L.M., & Chang, D.H.T. (2010). Clinical trials of Chinese medicine for the treatment of cancer. In W.C.S. Cho (Ed.), Supportive cancer care with Chinese medicine. Heidelberg: Springer.  

Please note that the Chinese medicine used for cancer patients is a complementary approach, NOT means to replace conventional treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Expected outcomes  

Relieving of the side effects occurred by hormone therapy, chemotherapy or radiotherapy depends on the kind and severity of the damages. For example, digestive symptoms (nausea and vomiting, poor appetite, diarrhoea or constipation) may be minimized by acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in a few weeks. While the problems with memory and concentration (chemo-brain) or hot flashes may be relieved over a few months or year. Fatigue, a common side effect may be relieved from a few weeks to months.      

Maintenance and preventive cares with Chinese medicine for breast cancer may be important strategies of improving survival rate and quality of life. These cares are usually undertaken for months or years based on different individuals.        

Our values 

  • Dr. Henry Liang has clinical experience in China hospital and in Australia clinics for over 30 years. 

  • He was awarded his PhD at RMIT University in 2003 with a research topic on anticancer Chinese herbal medicines. 

  • He is capable to update his therapeutic approaches from time to time as a university academic and researcher.   

  • He is the visiting professor at the Tumour Research Institute of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine in China.        


Please contact us to make an appointment to consult with Dr Henry Liang.

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